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Would you like to read more about how Emotional Intelligence can benefit you? We have a number of downloads available for free. Click the title of each one to download.
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EI and the Hospitality Industry
(391k PDF file)

EI and Professionalism
(518k PDF file)


Health Care
(649k PDF file)

Small Business Management (Entrepreneurship)
(541k PDF file)


Overcoming Bullying with EI
(541k PDF file)

How to Choose and Use an EQ Mentor
(688k PDF file)


Coping & Resilience
(703k PDF file)

About EI
(396k PDF file)


Emotions of Change
(704k PDF file)

EI, Human Resources & Performance
(605k PDF file)


Purposeful Listening
(703k PDF file)

Emotionally Intelligent Families & Parenting
(566k PDF file)


Dealing with Difficult People through Transactional Analysis
(687k PDF file)

Emotional Myth Busting
(704k PDF file)


Project Management
(590k PDF file)

Can EI Be Taught
(563k PDF file)


EIQ School Benefits
(5,568k PDF file)

EIQ Instascore
(1,159k PDF file)