What is Emotional Intelligence

EIQ-2 Transforms Talent into Results

Defining Emotional Intelligence

EIQ-2™ Emotional Intelligence Basic Two Stage

Emotional Intelligence accounts for the greatest part of performance success both personally and professionally. Basic understanding of feelings and emotional intelligence allows for coaching and development to expand and achieve potential.

Assessment of EIQ allows for the early identification of talent and focused development for peak performance. It can be used as a recruiting tool as well as an instrument for defining focused improvement. EIQ is the foundation of soft skills in both personal and professional settings.

How Can We Help You Increase Your EIQ?

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EIQ-2™ Emotional Intelligence Comprehensive Assessment

The EIQ-2 Comprehensive provides a detailed, result-oriented evaluation of emotional intelligence. It considers five major areas and thirty-two sub areas. The report includes extensive analysis and specific recommendations for improvement.

This set of tools allows training and coaching to transform potential into performance. Excellence requires relationships and communication. EIQ-2 provides the framework to maximize results.

How Can the EIQ Comprehensive Help You?

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How Can Emotional Intelligence Help Your Organization?

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Emotional intelligence has a strong impact on small business success as well as success in schools.


Emotional Intelligence Cycle